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Propper International - Company Profile

Propper International

Propper International Sales, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of uniforms and specialty apparel for the US Department of Defense. Propper was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Weldon Spring, Missouri w, in St. Charles County. The company started by first manufacturing military hats for the us government and military and from there grew into many different fields. Propper's products include military clothing, tactical clothing, camouflage clothes, army combat uniforms (ACU), battle dress uniforms (BDU), airman battle uniforms (ABU), all purpose environmental clothing system (APECS), multi-climate protective system (MCPS), advanced protective combat uniform (APCU), extended cold weather clothing system (ECWCS), law enforcement clothing for police, swat, tactical, security and public safety organizations and other high-tech garments, chemical weapons suits, Navy combat apparel, in addition to Class A dress uniforms for police, state, and government agencies. Propper is currently on GSA Advantage and produces for the all branches of United States Military (US Army, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Air Force, US Marine Corps).

Propper's three divisions (Government, Public Safety, and Commercial) serve government, military, and defense agencies; police and correctional, as well as state, county, and municipal organizations; and specialty retailers (i.e. Army/Navy stores), respectively. Propper manufactures under several brand names including Propper, Propper Defender, Genuine Gear (discount clothing), Adventure Tech.

Propper has manufacturing sites in the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico w, Dominican Republic and Asia (China); and a large distribution center in Waverly, Tennessee w from which it ships orders to customers around the globe.

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate

Propper is one of the few apparel manufacturing companies in the U.S. to have earned an ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate from the British Standards Institute, and an ANSI/ASQC Q91-1994. These certifications apply to the entire quality assurance system, from the inspections of raw material, through process inspections, to the critical review of the quality of finished garments sent to customers worldwide. Propper is also proud to be a Certified Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Uniform Supplier. (ISO 9001:2000 Registered FM 35518). In 2007, Propper generated upwards of $120.3 Million US Dollars. Propper currently employs over 3,250 people around the world.

The Brand That's Battle Tested

Propper International is one of the largest suppliers of military uniforms for the U.S. Department of Defense. Since 1967, the ISO 9001-certified manufacturer has produced over 50 million garments, ranging from U.S. armed forces combat apparel, chemical weapons suits, gloves, hats, extreme cold weather jackets and pants, and other high-tech apparel, to the Improved Load Bearing Equipment system of the U.S. Marines. The company also provides custom packaging options and vendor managed inventory for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.

Proppers Mission

Propper is committed to developing the best garment manufacturing processes, through continuous improvements, commitment and involvement of our people, which allow us to provide our customers with products of excellent quality that meet or exceed their expectations.