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: F545938379
ATACS Camo - Tactical ACU Coat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F542438001
Black - Tactical ACU Coat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F547038929
Digital Desert Camo - ACU Coat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)


: F547038060
Digital Subdued Camo - ACU Coat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F547038393
Digital Woodland Camo - ACU Coat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F545938381
FG ATACS Camo - Tactical ACU Coat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)


: F542438450
LAPD Navy - Tactical ACU Coat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F545938067
LE ATACS Camo - Tactical ACU Coat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F541838377
Multicam Camo - ACU Coat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)


: F546867377
Multicam Camo - Flame Resistant ACU Coat

: F542438330
Olive Drab - Tactical ACU Coat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: nametape
Uniform Name Tape Custom Printed, Official Issue Genuine GI Mil Spec


Wholesale ACU Coats

The Propper ACU coat, Army Combat Uniform coat is the newly designed battle uniform coat worn by the US Army. The ACU was picked over previous issued combat uniforms including the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and the Desert Camouflage Uniforms (DCU) which were once standard uniforms of the US Army in the 1980s and 1990s. The ACU features constructional design changes and a different camouflage patterns that makes it superior to previous standard uniforms. The camouflage pattern used for the ACU is Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP), sometimes referred to as Army ACU Digital camouflage. The universal camouflage comprises the colors green, tan and grey digitalized to work effectively in multiple terrains like the desert, woodland, and urban environments. Proppers ACU coats are issued in different camouflage colors, Universal Camouflage being the standard issue of the US Army and other patterns as digital desert, digital subdued, digital woodland and multicam camouflage. There are selections of ACU coats produced by Propper with different features, an original ACU, flame resistant ACU, and no fly zone ACU. The flame resistant ACU (FR ACU) is constructed with defender M which features Lenzing FR fibers, a fire resistant and self extinguishing fabric that will not melt or drip when in contact with open fire. The fire/flame resistant properties are part of the fabric, therefore it will never wash or wear out. The defender M fabric is comfortable and lightweight fabric with breathable Lenzing FR fibers that keeps you cooler by absorbing perspiration faster. Lenzing FR protects the skin from all kind of heat, fire, radiant heat, electric arcs, molten metals and flash fires. The FR ACU is built to military specifications (FQ/PD 04-05A) and is Near Infrared (NIR) compliant. The no fly zone ACU is treated with Permethrin, an insect repellent that repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, chiggers, fleas and other insects. Each of the different ACUs is treated with a Dupont Teflon finish to make it resistant to water and stains. The ACU coat features a fade, shrink, and wrinkle resistant fabric, slanted chest pockets, 3 slot pen/pencil pocket at the bottom on the sleeve, and external elbow pouches with a hook and loop closure. Proppers ACU coats are sewn to military specifications (FQ/PD 04-04A), Near Infrared (NIR) compliant and approved for military operations. Military personnel are seen wearing the ACU coat as a standard issue combat coat for military and tactical purposes. The ACU is the most popular military uniform being issued and is used for tactical operations and other purposes outside the army by professionals. The Propper ACU coats are commonly referred to as ACU shirts, ACU jackets, army coat, army jacket, army field jacket, camo coat, camo jacket, camouflage coat, camouflage jacket, digital camo jacket, military coat, military jacket, acu digital shirt, new army uniform coat, universal camo fatigue shirt, governemtn approved army uniforms, propper acu clothing, digital acu pant, us army acus, nyco pants.

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