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Boonie Hats

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: F550155273
3 Color Desert Camo - Boonie Hat (Cotton Ripstop)

: F550225271
6 Color Desert Camo - Boonie Hat (Cotton/Polyester Ripstop)

: F550155001
Black - Boonie Hat (Cotton Ripstop)


: F550155405
Dark Navy - Boonie Hat (Cotton Ripstop)

: F550225395
Digital Woodland Camo - Boonie Hat (Cotton/Polyester Ripstop)

: F550155250
Khaki - Boonie Hat (Cotton Ripstop)


: F550238067
LE ATACS Camo - Boonie Hat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F550221377
Multicam Camo - Boonie Hat (Nylon/Cotton Ripstop)

: F550238377
Multicam Camo - Boonie Hat (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)


: F550155330
Olive Drab - Boonie Hat (Cotton Ripstop)

: F550225335
Tiger Camo - Boonie Hat (Cotton/Polyester Ripstop)

: F550221394
Universal Camo - Boonie Hat (Nylon/Cotton Ripstop)


: F550212063
Urban Camo - Boonie Hat (Cotton/Polyester Twill)

: F550155320
Woodland Camo - Boonie Hat (Cotton Ripstop)

: F550212320
Woodland Camo - Boonie Hat (Cotton/Polyester Twill)


Wholesale Boonie Hats

The Propper boonie hats are a type of hat featuring a wide brim around the entire hat. The boonie hat was first introduced to the US Armed forces during the Vietnam War, when green berets first started to wear them. The US Army officially issued boonies hats in 1967, called Hat, Jungle, with Insect Net and was issued in the colors olive drab, tiger stripe Camouflage, and ERDL pattern which is identical to woodland camouflage. It is common to see fabric tape sewn around the crown of the boonie hat so additional vegetation can be held and used as camouflage. Straps are often found on boonie hats to secure and fasten the hat on the head. Boonie hats had replaced fatigues caps, which were being worn previous to the Vietnam War. They were and still are being produced with nets to protect the face from being bit by insects. These hats can be seen worn by many people to keep the sun out of their face. The proper boonie hats are commonly refered to as boonie caps, army boonie hats, military boonie hat, camo jungle hat, sun hats, wide brim sun hats, fishing shade hats, hunting boonies.

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