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The Propper ABU utility cap is one of the official issued headgear worn by the United States Air Force. ABU is short for Airman Battle Uniform, the new battle uniform featuring a digital camouflage design for the United States Air Force. The ABU pattern is a digital tiger stripe design, colors include blue, green, and tan. The ABU camouflage design is similar to the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) but the difference is the ABU colors include a slate blue color. The ABU replaced the old standard uniform in use, the BDU. The BDU, short for Battle Dress Uniform was in use by the US Air Force from the 1980s till present. The ABU is expected to replace the BDU completely by fiscal year 2011. Proppers ABU utility cap is equipped with Near Infrared (NIR) technology. Proppers ABU utility cap has the same shape as a patrol cap and features sewn vent holes rather than grommetted vent holes. The sewn vent holes allow the head to get more air and breath. Proppers ABU utility caps are worn by members of the air force and also civilians. The Propper ABU utility cap is also known as ABU caps, Air force caps, proper ABU patrol caps, digital tiger camouflage fatigue cap, camo uniform fatigue cap, new digital tiger hat, camouflage af cap, airman battle uniform cap.

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