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: F528755376
Digital Tiger Stripe Camo -  Womens ABU Pants (Cotton Ripstop)

: F521621376
Digital Tiger Stripe Camo - Womens ABU Pants (Nylon/Cotton Ripstop)

: F525755376
Digital Tiger Stripe Camo - Mens ABU Pants (Cotton Ripstop)


: F521521376
Digital Tiger Stripe Camo - Mens ABU Pants (Nylon/Cotton Ripstop)


Wholesale ABU Pants

The Propper ABU pants are pants issued to members of the US Air Force. ABU is short for Airman Battle Uniform, the new standard uniform for the US Air Force. The first issuing of the ABU was on October 2, 2007 and is expected to replace the privous standard combat uniform, the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) by the fiscal year 2011. The ABU is a digital tiger stripe camouflage color, similar to the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) but the ABU includes a slate blue and the ABU is identical to the currently used BDU in layout. Complaints against the ABU were it was too heavy and hot, in response a new design was constructed of a lighter Cotton fabric. The ABU is equipped with Near Infrared (NIR) technology and are sewn to military specifications (FQ PD-06-11B). Features of ABU pants are 10 pockets, reinforced crotch and permanent press application. The Propper ABU pants can be seen worn by members of the US Air Force. Firefighters, welders, electricians and other individuals can be seen wearing the ABU because of the durability and quality of the pants. The ABU pants by Propper are also referred to as Proppers ABU pants, ABU camo pants, ABU camouflage pants, camo pants, camouflage trousers, airman battle uniform pants, digital camouflage pants, digital tiger stripe camo pants, official usaf pants, air force military pants, new abu uniform, the ABU, digital tiger abu trousers, air force digital fatigues.

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