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US Army Hats & Caps

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: F557149377
Multicam Camo  - Army ACU Patrol Cap (Nylon/Cotton Ripstop)

C$12.52 £6.60 8.83
: F557149394
Universal Camo  - Army ACU Patrol Cap (Nylon/Cotton Ripstop)

C$10.01 £5.28 7.06
: F550221394
Universal Camo - Boonie Hat (Nylon/Cotton Ripstop)

C$15.02 £7.92 10.60

Wholesale US Army Hats & Caps

The Propper US army hats & caps are hats & caps that are standard issues to the US army. The standard issue headwear of the US army is an ACU patrol cap and a boonie hat. The US army hats & caps are part of the current combat uniform of the US army the ACU. There are 2 ACU patrol caps, a regular standard issue and a No Fly Zone issue. Both patrol caps are sewn to military specification FQ/PD 04-14 but the No Fly Zone patrol cap is treated with Permethrin. Permethrin is an active ingredient that repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, chiggers, flies, midges and other insects. The camouflage pattern used for the US army hats & caps is a universal camouflage pattern (UCP) also known as ARPAT (ARmy PATtern). The camouflage pattern is composed of grey, tan and sage green and is digitalized. The color black was omitted from the patter for reason including, it is not found in nature and when black is viewed through night vision goggles it appears excessively dark and creates undesirable high contrast image. The Propper US Army Hats & Caps are also commonly referred to as ACU boonie hat, ACU hat, ACU boonie cap, army digital cap, army digital hat, ACU patrol cap, army headwear, digital camo hat, digital camouflage cap, ACU digital camo hat, ACU digital camouflage cap.

Propper US Army Hats & Caps from the military clothing store at

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