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: F721752929
Digital Desert Camo - Marines FR Combat Pants

C$322.34 £172.85 231.28
: F741752929
Digital Desert Camo - Marines FR Combat Shirt

C$248.91 £133.47 178.59
: F721752377
Multicam Camo - Marines Flame Resistant Combat Pants

C$385.81 £206.89 276.82

: F741752377
Multicam Camo - Marines Flame Resistant Combat Shirt

C$230.24 £123.46 165.20

Wholesale FROG Clothing

FROG, short for Flame Resistant Organizational Gear is United States Marine Corps clothing specifically designed to protect against and reduce the number of injuries resulting from fire and flash. The FROG was a result of the increased use of IEDs, Improvised Explosive Device in the Iraq War. The purpose of the FROG is to increase survivability and mobility of individuals serving as US Marines supporting the Global War on Terrorism. The FROG system consists of long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, combat shirts, combat trousers, gloves and balaclava. All these components are Flame Resistant (FR), defending against IEDs and other fire and extreme heat threats. The FROG is made of new materials that wont burn or melt when exposed to flames in tests that were conducted by the US Marines. The tests concluded that the new clothing significantly reduced the risk of third degree burns from an estimate of 15 to 20 percent likelihood with the old uniform to 5 percent likelihood with FROG. The current MCCUU is essential to the FROG I uniform, when worn properly provides protection of up to 3 seconds when exposed to flames, FROG I also includes light and mid weight balaclava, long sleeve t-shirts and gloves. For protection against flames greater then 3 seconds, the FROG II was designed. The combat shirt and combat pants are part of FROG II. The FROG II provides 4 seconds of protection against flames. The material used to construct the FROG II is self-extinguishing at 4 seconds of flame exposure allowing Marines the time to safely get away from the flame source. The FROG is made primarily from a blend of materials that includes flame resistant fibers; it protects against flames but is not fire proof. FROG apparel provides a big advantage for US Marines, it provides protection against flames for a longer period of time and reduced third degree burns. The FROG can be worn with the rest of the combat equipment worn by the US Marines and provides an increased amount of flame protection. Currently the US Marines serving in the Iraq War are wearing the new FROG apparel. Proppers FROG clothing is commonly referred to as FROG trousers, FROG shirts, flame resistant organizational gear pants, usmc frog, fire resistant uniform, flame resistant, fire resistant uniform, Marines uniform, fire retardant clothing, flame retardant gear.

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