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Camo Shorts
The Propper camo shorts are shorts with camouflage patterns imprinted on them. Propper camo shorts come in a variety of camouflage patterns to choose from, popular camouflage patterns include midnight camouflage and woodland camouflage. Camo shorts are worn by individuals to blend into their surroundings when on a tactical operations, hunting or engaging in other activities. Camo shorts are popular among military personnel in hot weather terrains to keep cool. These shorts are worn as casual summer wear to provide comfort in the sun. Proppers camo shorts are commonly referred to as camouflage shorts, camo cargo shorts, camo BDU shorts, camo cargo shorts, camouflage cargo shorts, camoflage shorts.

Camo Hats & Caps
Proppers camo caps are caps with camouflage patterns and can be of different physical design. Camouflage caps can come in a variety of camouflage patters, most popular are desert camouflage, Asian tiger camouflage, digital tiger stripe camouflage, midnight camouflage, multicam camouflage, urban camouflage, universal camouflage (also commonly known as army ACU digital camouflage), and woodland camouflage. The varieties of designs Propper caps come in are boonie hats, fatigue caps, patrol caps and utility caps. Camo caps are useful to military personnel in combat to help them better blend in to their surroundings, to not be visible to their enemies. Camo caps are also worn by civilians for fashion reasons and to provide the eyes with protection from the sun. The camo caps offered by Propper are also referred to as camo hunting caps, camo fatigue hats, fitted camo caps, military hats, military patrol caps, camouflage caps, camouflage hats, army camo headwear, camouflage military hats, camo ranger caps.

Midnight Camouflage
The Midnight Camouflage pattern is a camouflage comprised of shades of blue grey and black. The midnight camouflage has no history of being used in the US military and is merely used for fashion. The Midnight camouflage is a dark camouflage resembling the color of the night sky. The midnight camouflage is used by civilians and can be worn by military personnel but not as an official issue camouflage pattern. Midnight camouflage is commonly referred to as midnight blue camouflage, midnight blue camo, midnight camo, blue camouflage, blue camo, dark blue camouflage, dark blue camo.

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