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: F511546221
Air Force Tan CWU 27/P Flight Suit Nomex

C$219.28 £115.63 154.66
: F511546001
Black CWU 27/P Flight Suit Nomex

C$219.28 £115.63 154.66
: F146839348
Sage Green - MCPS Womens Shell Jacket

C$977.41 £515.42 689.36

: F126839348
Sage Green - MCPS Womens Shell Pants

C$852.10 £449.34 600.98
: F146739348
Sage Green - MCPS Mens Shell Jacket

C$977.41 £515.42 689.36
: F126739348
Sage Green - MCPS Mens Shell Pants

C$852.10 £449.34 600.98

: F511546347
Sage Green CWU 27/P Flight Suit Nomex

C$219.28 £115.63 154.66
: F126739270
Tan - MCPS Mens Shell Pants

C$852.10 £449.34 600.98
: F126839270
Tan - MCPS Womens Shell Pants

C$852.10 £449.34 600.98

Category Results

MCPS Jackets
The Propper MCPS, short for Multi-Climate Protective System jacket is a jacket made to the specifications of aviators needs for protective outerwear. The MCPS jacket delivers protection against wind, rain, rotorwash, and other weather conditions that may conflict with performance. The MCPS jacket features a light weight construction which provides flame thermal, penetration resistance to POL contamination, and environmental protection. The MCPS jacket is effective in weather conditions from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit; therefore the jacket can be used in the warm summer conditions and harsh conditions, allowing the MCPS jacket to be a year round jacket. The effective layering system consists of the other Gore-Tex shell constructed to be soft and quiet to enhance flexibility. The highly breathable Gore-Tex membrane is sandwiched between a flame resistant Nomex fabric and an inner Nomex fabric knit backer. The construction of the MCPS jacket minimizes the risk of heat stress giving you the option to stay active longer on the warm ground conditions to colder flying conditions. The Propper MCPS (CWU-106/P) jacket was designed to add convenience for both in an aircraft and on the ground. What makes the MCPS jacket convenient is the removable hood and the water resistant zippers, making storm flaps not necessary. The MCPS jacket is equipped with a water resistant internal pocket allowing for storage of documents, maps, and electronics. Proppers MCPS jacket is approved for use by the US Air Force, for military operations and is Near Infrared (NIR) compliant. Proppers MCPS jacket is worn by military aviators in a broad range of weather conditions, in the air and on the ground. Also, the MCPS can be worn for style and comfort year round by civilians. The MCPS jacket by Propper is also known as Air Force jackets, MCPS shell jacket, multi-climate protections system jacket, MCPS shirt, USAF uniform official jacket.

MCPS Pants
The Propper MCPS pants, short for Multi-Climate Protection system pants are made to the specifications of an aviators needs. The MCPS pants give you the protection you want against wind, rain, rotorwash and other weather conditions that may affect performance. The pants are constructed of three layers, an outer flame resistant Nomex fabric, a middle Gore-Tex membrane making the pants highly breathable, and an inner Nomex fabric inner layer. The layering of the pants allows you to wear the pants from extreme cold weather conditions of -40 degrees to nice days of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you wont need separate pairs of paints for the summer and winter. Since the fabric is highly breathable it allows you to stay active longer in warm conditions to colder flying environments. The lightweight construction of the pants features flame thermal, environmental protection and is resistant to POL contaminations. The Nomex MCPS CWU-109/P pants were designed for convenience of aviator for both in the aircraft and on the ground. The MCPS pants are approved for use by the US Air Force and features Near Infrared (NIR) technology. Typically the Propper MCPS pants are worn by members of the US Air Force to provide protections while on the ground and in the air. The pants can also be worn by civilians looking for comfort without sacrificing their warmth. The MCPS pants offered by Proppers are commonly referred to as Proppers MCPS pants, air force clothing, air force pants, tactical pants, air force trousers, CWU 109P, multi-climate protective system pants, MCPS trousers bottoms.

Flight Suits
The Propper nomex flight suit is a garment that covers the entire body, which is worn when operating aircrafts. The flight suit was developed during World War I to keep pilots warm in open cockpits. Flight suits featured multiple pockets with button, snap, or zipper closures to prevent pilots from losing articles and important documents while they maneuver. Most flight suits today are made of nomex, a light weight durable material that is fire/flame resistant, which will protect pilots in case of a fire in the cockpit. Typically a clear pocket can be found on the thigh of the suit where a pilot will keep a map of the air crafts destination. Proppers nomex flight suits are commonly worn by pilots and military personnel operating aircrafts including planes, jets and helicopters. Flight suits arent only limited to pilots of high speed aircrafts; helicopter pilots and flight engineers typically wear flight suits to provide the same protection. The current model for flight suits is the CWU 27/P, available in sage green and desert tan. The CWU 27/P is the official flight suit issued to US air crews and are sewn to military specification FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-83141A). Proppers flights suits are commonly referred to as nomex flight suits, military flight suits, CWU flight suits, air force flight suits, propper flight suits, official usaf flightsuits, military flightsuits coveralls, pilot aviation suits, flame resistant flight coveralls.

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