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: F548800368
Foliage Green - Gen III Fleece Jacket/Liner

C$99.36 £52.64 70.51
: F542200412
Navy Blue - Enhanced All Weather ODU Jacket / Liner

C$204.93 £108.58 145.44
: F540774412
Navy Blue - Foul Weather Parka Type II (Gore-Tex)

C$409.88 £217.17 290.89

: F541307412
Navy Blue - Foul Weather Polartec Fleece Liner Type II

C$99.36 £52.64 70.51

Category Results

USCG Jackets
The USCG jackets are jackets used by the US Coast guards. THE USCG jackets are the foul weather parkas type I & II and also the type II liner. The foul weather parka type I is no longer approved for use by the US Coast Guard, type II has to be used for official use going forward. The foul weather parka is constructed of a waterproof, windproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabric. The fabric is also resistant to deet, jet/diesel fuel and salt water to assure durability of the parkas. The polartec foul weather parka type II can be used to provide addition warmth and comfort. Proppers USCG jackets are commonly referred to as foul weather parka, foul weather jacket, us coast guard jacket, USCG parka, coast guard foul weather parka.

The ECWCS, short for Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System is a protective clothing system intended for soldiers and tactical operators stationed in cold weather regions. The ECWCS was first developed in the 1980s by the United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, Natick, Massachusetts. The first generation ECWCS consisted of a parka, trousers, underwear, handwear, headwear and footwear. Each of these items could be used in various combinations to meet the cold weather environmental requirements of the US military. The ECWCS has the ability to keep an individual protected from cold weather conditions ranging between 40 and -60 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 and -51 degrees Celsius. Over the years the ECWCS has gone through many changes which resulted in the 2nd generation ECWCS then the 3rd generation ECWCS. Changes introduced with the 2nd generation ECWCS includes the use of 2 different layers made with Polartec fabrics, a shirt and overalls. The ECWCS was radically redesigned after the introduction of the 2nd generation of the ECWCS and is known as the 3rd generation ECWCS. The 3rd generation ECWCS introduced 7 new layers of insulation. Currently the generation 3 ECWCS is the general issue ECWCS used by the US military for soldiers being deployed to cold climates. The most outer layers of the ECWCS, parka and trouser has been adopted for civilian use in colder climates. The ECWCS is commonly referred to as ECWCS parka, ECWCS trousers, ECWCS jacket, gen 2 ECWCS, gen 3 ECWCS.

The Propper pullovers and sweatshirt consist of three different models of sweatshirts and pullovers, an adventure tech USMC fleece jacket, an adventure tech APCU level 3 pullover, and an upgraded version of adventure tech level III pullover. The adventure tech USMC fleece jacket is built to military specifications. The fleece jacket has superior features which include windproof front/back yoke and elbows, heavy duty zippers in the front and under the arms, a draw cord at the hem and a high tapered collar. Proppers adventure tech USMC fleece jacket is comfortable jacket intended for everyday use and will keep you warm. Besides the marines using the fleece jacket, it is seen worn by civilians to keep warm. Proppers adventure tech APCU level 3 pullover is part of the 7 layers of the APCU layering system. APCU is short for Advanced Protective Combat Uniform, and is considered a superior layering system for tactical professionals. The APCU layering system features technical fabrics which have superior qualities, it is light weight, compactable, durable and ultra functional. The APCU layering system can be used as an alternative to other layering systems, such as the ECWCS generation 2 and 3 layering systems. Proppers APCU level III pullover is constructed of polartec powerstretch fabric which enhances mobility. The fabric provides warmth, breathability, moisture wicking and can be worn in a versatile temperature range. Proppers APCU level 3 pull over sweatshirt is an ideal product to be used by personnel taking part in tactical operations, such as the military, the navy, law enforcement and much more. Proppers adventure tech APCU level 3 can be worn by anyone in cold terrains. Proppers spy hoodie is an upgraded version of adventure techs APCU level pullover and is constructed of a comfortable polartec powerstretch polyester fabric which enhances mobility. The pullover sweatshirt features thumb holes allowing a more stable fit, a chest pocket to store documents and other essentials, and a two way zipper to allow ventilation. The key feature of the spy hoodie is the integrated contoured combat hood, which increases peripheral vision while also keeping the head warm. Proppers spy hoodie is worn by military personnel during tactical operations, and also by civilians during cold weather conditions. The Propper pullovers and sweatshirts are commonly referred to as adventure tech sweatshirts, adventure tech fleece, APCU USMC fleece, pullover sweatshirts, tactical sweatshirts, pullover sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirts, military sweat shirts.

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