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Categories: Foul Weather Parkas |  Foul Weather Pants | 

: F542200412
Navy Blue - Enhanced All Weather ODU Jacket / Liner

C$206.75 £109.03 145.82
: F520774412
Navy Blue - Foul Weather Pants Type II (Gore-Tex)

C$313.26 £165.19 220.94
: F540774412
Navy Blue - Foul Weather Parka Type II (Gore-Tex)

C$413.51 £218.06 291.65

: F541307412
Navy Blue - Foul Weather Polartec Fleece Liner Type II

C$100.24 £52.86 70.70

Category Results

USCG Jackets
The USCG jackets are jackets used by the US Coast guards. THE USCG jackets are the foul weather parkas type I & II and also the type II liner. The foul weather parka type I is no longer approved for use by the US Coast Guard, type II has to be used for official use going forward. The foul weather parka is constructed of a waterproof, windproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabric. The fabric is also resistant to deet, jet/diesel fuel and salt water to assure durability of the parkas. The polartec foul weather parka type II can be used to provide addition warmth and comfort. Proppers USCG jackets are commonly referred to as foul weather parka, foul weather jacket, us coast guard jacket, USCG parka, coast guard foul weather parka.

USCG Pants
The USCG pants are foul weather pants worn by the US Coast Guard. The foul weather pants are made of a Gor-tex fabric because of its waterproof, windproof and breathability properties. The pants are also contamination resistant to diesel fuel, jet fuel, deet, petroleum and other oils and lubricants. There are two different models of the foul weather pants, foul weather pants type I and foul weather pants type II. The USCG pants are also referred to as foul weather pants type I, foul weather pants type II, US coast guard pants, US coast guard trousers.

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