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Foul Weather
The FWS, short for Foul Weather System is a specially constructed set of pants parka and parka liner to protect against wet weather conditions. The FWS is worn by the US navy and the US coast guards to provide protection from the sea water they are exposed to when aboard a ship. Though the Navy issues FWS jackets and pants they are not part of a seaman seabag, they are considered “organizational clothing.” The FWS is also worn by other individuals stationed in wet and cold climates to protect themselves from the environmental weather conditions. The FWS are sometimes referred to as foul weather parka, foul weather trousers, foul weather clothing, foul weather gear, sailing clothing, sailing trousers, sailing jackets, navy outerwear, foul weather clothing system.

3 Color Desert Camouflage
The 3 Color Desert Camouflage is a camouflage pattern that blends one into the desert environment. The pattern allows one to appear nearly invisible by others in desert terrains when properly applied. The 3 color desert camouflage was developed to replace the 6 color desert camouflage which was considered ineffective in most desert combat theaters. The 3 color desert camouflage pattern is found in the DCU, Desert Combat Uniform or Desert Camouflage Uniform. The DCU was once the standard combat uniform of the US Army for operations in desert like environments. Also, the DCU may be used by the US Air Force, US Navy and US Coast Guards but is currently being phased out for official use. The 3 color desert camouflage pattern is comprised of the following colors, light tan, pale green and brown. Currently and in the past the following countries have used the 3 color desert camouflage pattern, Japan, Djibouti, Sudan, Singapore, South Korea, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and much more. The 3 color desert camouflage is sometimes referred to as desert camouflage, three color desert camouflage, tri color desert camouflage, army desert camouflage, army desert camo, desert camo, 3 color desert camo, tri color desert camo, three color desert camo, coffee stain camouflage, tri-color desert camouflage, desert camo 3 color, desert camo, three-color desert.

Foul Weather Pants
The Propper foul weather pants are heavy duty pants constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions while keeping you dry. The foul weather pants are officially issued by the US Navy and typically are blue in color. These pants are not part of a seabag, the pants are considered organizational clothing. Proppers foul weather pants come in two different models, foul weather pants type 1 and the newly issued foul weather pants type 2. Both models of the foul weather pants are made of nylon with a Gore-Tex membrane making the pants waterproof, windproof and breathable. The Gore-Tex fabric makes the foul weather pants contamination resistant to diesel fuel, jet fuel, DEET, petroleum, oils and other lubricants. The pants features multiple cargo pockets and pass through pockets, zippered leg opening and reinforced seat and knees for durability. The main difference between the foul weather pants 1 and foul weather pants 2 are, the zippered leg openings are covered with a flap for the foul weather pants 2 and is not with the foul weather pants 1. Members of the US Navy and US Coast guard generally wear these pants during extreme weather conditions or when aboard a ship. Fisherman and other professionals who work on any type of ship can use these to keep them dry and preserving warmth. The Propper foul weather pants are also referred to as rain pants, gore tex rain pants, breathable rain pants, rain trousers, rain wear pants, military rain pants, foul weather trousers bottoms.

Foul Weather Parkas
The Propper foul weather parka is a heavy duty jacket that can withstand the fiercest weather. The foul weather parka is the Navys official issued parka intended to be used in harsh weather conditions. The foul weather parka is considered organizational clothing, and not part of the navys saebag. There are two versions of the foul weather parka, the foul weather parka I and the foul weather parka II, the foul weather parka II is the most recent versions of the two. Both versions of the foul weather parka feature a 100% nylon shell equipped with Gore-Tex membrane. The Gore-Tex fabric is a waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric that offers comfort and warmth in cold conditions. The Gore-Tex fabric of Proppers foul weather parkas has a contamination resistant property, the fabric can withstand contaminations from diesel fuel, jet fuel, DEET, petroleum, oils and lubricants. There are two external cargo pockets, two hand warmer pockets, a stowable hood, hidden map pocket, and elastic and Velcro wrist closures are equipped in the foul weather parkas. The difference of the two is the Proppers foul weather parka II storm flap and the garment length is longer. The foul weather parka I is no longer approved for use by the US Coast Guard and has been replaced by The Propper foul weather parka II for officially use. The Propper foul weather parka II is worn by the US Coast Guard and the US Navy to provide warmth and to protect against wet conditions. The Propper foul weather parkas are also referred to as foul weather gear, sailing foul weather jackets, foul weather fishing protection parka, foul weather sailing uniform outerwear, foul weather jackets, rain jackets.

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