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FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)
Item #: F541738381

FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

List Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $69.99
C$87.20   •   £46.62   •   62.25


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  • Military Inspired Construction.
  • Loop Fastener For Name Tape On Back of Collar.
  • External Opening For Shoulder Pads.
  • Quarter Zipper Front.
  • Side Panel with Underarm Gusset For Enhanced Range Of Motion.
  • Fully Articulated Elbows.
  • Double-Layer Stretch Shoulder With Shoulder Pad Pocket
  • Two Zippered, Upper Arm Pockets with Loop Facing Patch For Insignia.
  • Two Zippered Forearm Pockets.
  • External Opening For Elbow Pads.
  • Two Channel Pen Pocket On Left Forearm.
  • Right Sleeve Has Dual-Layer Zippered Pocket/Hook & Loop Flap Pocket.
  • Right Forearm Pocket with Hook And Loop Closure.
  • Adjustable Hook And Loop Fastener At Sleeve Cuffs.
  • Integrated Thumb Holes At Cuffs Prevent Bunching And Twisting.
  • Designed For High-Intensity Use and Movement.

    The TAC.U Combat Shirt is the latest addition to the TAC.U line. The combat shirt features a half-zip front with loop fastener for nametape on back of the collar, a fully articulated elbow with external elbow pad openings, integrated dual cuff with thumb hole and hook and loop fasteners, multiple dual layer pockets on sleeves and a double layer stretch shoulder with shoulder pad pockets.

    Tactical uniform fabrics must be comfortable, durable and have excellent color integrity. This is an all-season weight, 65% polyester / 35% cotton fabric manufactured in a ripstop weave. Battle Rip is the fabric of choice for the public safety community. The torso on this product is made with 60% cotton / 40% polyester knit fabric.

    Advanced Tactical Concealment Systems (A-TACS)
    The Advanced Tactical Concealment Systems, commonly known as A-TACS was developed by Digital Concealment Systems (DCS). The A-TACS camouflage pattern is the result of high demand for more effective camouflage patterns by military personnel, law enforcement and tactical operators who require to blend into there surroundings. The A-TACS versatile design allows it to act as a universal pattern to easily blend into a wide range of operational environments.

    The A-TACS design differs from the traditional digital camouflage currently being used by the US Military and has distinct advantages. To improve the digital camouflage pattern, Digital Concealment Systems removed the unnatural 90 degrees angels from their pattern. DCS created a palette of natural colors digitally sampled from real-world elements, utilizing their patented process. The patented process allows the pattern to appear more organic in appearance while still remaining digital.

    Small patterns are utilized to create larger more distinct shapes designed to work at a distance, unlike current digital camouflage which consist of 90 degree angles. Small shapes create larger shapes and larger shapes are organized into a distinct pattern with no horizontal or vertical orientation. The fractal, "pattern within a pattern" concept allows A-TACS to effectively minimize the blotching effect normally observed in standard digital camouflage while also effectively breaking the human outline at a great distance.

    Since a more effective use of color range generates a better camouflage system, DCS has created A-TACS using a greater range of inter-mingled colors than previously seen in any other camouflage patterns. The base color for the cast of A-TACS is neutral tan, which is designed for use in open, rocky and arid environment. The distinct, abstract, and intricate nature of the pattern gives A-TACS a unique "fingerprint" which makes it difficult to copy.
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    Extra Small Regular

    29 - 32 67 - 71 22.375

    Small Short

    33 - 36 63 - 67 21.625

    Small Regular

    33 - 36 67 - 71 22.625

    Small Long

    33 - 36 71 - 75 23.625

    Medium Short

    37 - 40 63 - 67 21.875

    Medium Regular

    37 - 40 67 - 71 22.875

    Medium Long

    37 - 40 71 - 75 23.875

    Large Short

    41 - 44 63 - 67 22.125

    Large Regular

    41 - 44 67 - 71 23.125

    Large Long

    41 - 44 71 - 75 24.125

    Extra Large Regular

    45 - 48 67 - 71 23.375

    Extra Large Long

    45 - 48 71 - 75 24.375

    2X Large Regular

    49 - 52 67 - 71 23.625

    2X Large Long

    49 - 42 71 - 75 24.625

    3X Large Regular

    53 - 56 67 - 71 23.875

    3X Large Long

    53 - 56 71 - 75 24.875

    4X Large Regular

    57 - 60 67 - 71 24
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  • FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) $69.99

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    FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)
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      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 XSR
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    Size Small - Regular
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      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 SR
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    Size Small - Long
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      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 SL
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    Size Medium - Regular
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      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 MR
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    Size Medium - Long
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      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 ML
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    Size Large - Regular
      Item F541738381L2   Weight (LBS) 0   UPC: 788029410962
      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 LR
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    Size Large - Long
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      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 LL
    In Stock
    Size Extra Large - Regular
      Item F541738381XL2   Weight (LBS) 0   UPC: 788029411037
      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 XLR
    In Stock
    Size Extra Large - Long
      Item F541738381XL3   Weight (LBS) 0   UPC: 788029411044
      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 XLL
    In Stock
    Size 2X Large - Regular
      Item F541738381XXL2   Weight (LBS) 0   UPC: 788029411051
      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 XXLR
    Running Low
    Size 2X Large - Long
      Item F541738381XXL3   Weight (LBS) 0   UPC: 788029411068
      FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) F541738381 XXLL
    Running Low


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    • Item # F541738381
    • Propper FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)



    Purchase and buy the FG ATACS Camo - TAC.U Combat Shirt (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop) on sale at the cheapest price at the ACU store. - The Online Military Clothing and Army ACU Store

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