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Tactical Pants

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: F525450001
Black - Womens Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F523682001
Black - Womens Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Canvas)

: F525125001
Black - Discount Tactical Pants (Cotton/Polyester Ripstop)


: F525250001
Black - Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F528210001
Black - LS1 Tactical STL I Pants

: F525510001
Black - LS1 Tactical STL II Pants


: F52771G001
Black - Stretch Uniform Cargo Pants

: F525630001
Black - Sweep Chino District Pants

: F525282001
Black - Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Canvas)


: F52583C001
Black - Ultra-Lightweight Tactical Pants

: F525450015
Charcoal Grey - Womens Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F525250015
Charcoal Grey - Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)


: F525630015
Charcoal Grey - Sweep Chino District Pants

: F525450236
Coyote Tan - Womens Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F525250236
Coyote Tan - Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)


: F523682405
Dark Navy - Womens Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Canvas)

: F525250450
Dark Navy - Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F525282405
Dark Navy - Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Canvas)


: F525450020
Grey - Womens Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F525250020
Grey - Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F525450250
Khaki - Womens Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)


: F523682250
Khaki - Womens Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Canvas)

: F525125250
Khaki - Discount Tactical Pants (Cotton/Polyester Ripstop)

: F525250250
Khaki - Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)


: F528210250
Khaki - LS1 Tactical STL I Pants

: F525510250
Khaki - LS1 Tactical STL II Pants

: F52771G250
Khaki - Stretch Uniform Cargo Pants


: F525630250
Khaki - Sweep Chino District Pants

: F525282250
Khaki - Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Canvas)

: F52583C250
Khaki - Ultra-Lightweight Tactical Pants


: F525450450
LAPD Navy - Womens Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F525125450
LAPD Navy - Discount Tactical Pants (Cotton/Polyester Ripstop)

: F528210450
LAPD Navy - LS1 Tactical STL I Pants


: F525510450
LAPD Navy - LS1 Tactical STL II Pants

: F52771G450
LAPD Navy - Stretch Uniform Cargo Pants

: F525630450
LAPD Navy - Sweep Chino District Pants


: F52583C450
LAPD Navy - Ultra-Lightweight Tactical Pants

: F525450330
Olive Drab - Womens Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F523682330
Olive Drab - Womens Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Canvas)


: F525125330
Olive Drab - Discount Tactical Pants (Cotton/Polyester Ripstop)

: F525250330
Olive Drab - Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F528210330
Olive Drab - LS1 Tactical STL I Pants


: F525510330
Olive Drab - LS1 Tactical STL II Pants

: F52771G330
Olive Drab - Stretch Uniform Cargo Pants

: F525282330
Olive Drab - Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Canvas)


: F52583C330
Olive Drab - Ultra-Lightweight Tactical Pants

: F525450200
Sheriffs Brown - Womens Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)

: F525250200
Sheriffs Brown - Lightweight Tactical Pants (Polyester/Cotton Ripstop)


Wholesale Tactical Pants

The Propper tactical pants are pants that were constructed to meet the needs of tactical operators and law enforcement personnel for on and off the job. Proppers offers tactical pants in lightweight and regular weight design to better convenient the wearer of the pants. Propper tactical pants have superior features compared the competitors brand tactical pants. The pants that are constructed by Propper international featuring a 9 pocket design which includes two spacious cargo pockets, front utility pockets, a magazine/cell phone easy access pocket, rear pockets that can hold maps and documents, and also hidden pockets within pockets. The fabric of the tactical pants is treated with DuPont Teflon which repels against spilled liquids and stains. Also the fabric of the pants is fade resistant, wrinkle resistant and shrink resistant for durability and convenience. The knees and seat of the pants are heavy duty double fabric reinforced to provide durability. The tactical pants are equipped with an action stretch waistband allowing more comfort and a brass D-Ring to attach keys and other tools to. The Propper tactical pants are commonly worn by tactical operators apart of SWAT, law enforcement, the military and other tactical professionals. These pants offer tactical professionals with the design they need with a professional look. Individuals who are not part of tactical operations can wear these pants for a professional look. The Propper tactical pants provides a better alternative of excellent quality mens and womens trousers compared to Blackhawk tactical pants, woolrich tactical pants, 5.11 tactical operator trousers, sigtac pant. The Propper international pants are commonly referred to as tactical cargo pants, tactical gear pants, SWAT pants, police pants, military style cargo pants, tactical uniform pants, heavy duty tactical trousers, 9 pocket tactical operator pants, mens cotton lightweight pants, womens tactical clothing slacks, heavy duty tactical pants, Propper tactical pants, heavy duty tactical trousers.

Propper wholesale Tactical Pants from the military clothing store at

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