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Woodland Camo - Kids BDU Coat (Nylon/Cotton Twill)

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Woodland Camo - Kids BDU Pants (Nylon/Cotton Twill)


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Kids BDU Pants
The Propper kids BDU pants are widely used tactical pants by branches of the military. BDU is short for Battle Dress Uniform, once the standard battle uniform used in combat since September 1981 but now is replaced with more effective uniforms like the ACU and ABU, or is in the process of being replaced. The BDU was first issued in a woodland camouflage color which consists of 2 shades of green, a brown and black. The BDU was originally issued conveniently in two 2 designs, a hot weather BDU (HWBDU) and a temperate weather BDU (TWBDU). Kids BDU pants are now available in a variety of solid colors and camouflage patterns, most popular are desert camouflage, multicam camouflage also commonly known as ACU digital camouflage, urban camouflage, woodland camouflage, black, grey, and khaki. Kids BDU pants features four pockets, two button through cargo pockets and two button through back pockets. Adjustable waist tabs are featured along with a zipper fly and leg drawstrings. Propper BDU pants are popular and can be seen worn by military personnel, law enforcement, SWAT teams, correctional officers, landscapers, mechanics and other professionals in a field that requires durable and tactical clothing. BDU pants are also worn for fashion reason by individuals because of the comfort and designs desired by the wearer. The Propper kids BDU pants are commonly referred to as Proppers kids BDU pants, kids military fatigues, children army pants, youth military clothing, kids camo pants, kids camouflage pants, kids camo clothing, kids camouflage clothing, camo BDU pants, camouflage BDU pants.

Kids BDU Coats
The Propper kids BDU coat is the kids version of the BDU coat, short for Battle Dress uniform coat. BDUs have been the standard issued battle uniform since 1981 but recently have been replaced or are in the process of being replaced by more efficient uniforms in each military branch. The BDU was originally issued in woodland camouflage, comprised of two shades of green, brown and black but now can be found in many camouflage patterns and solid colors. The BDU was originally issued conveniently in two 2 designs, a hot weather BDU (HWBDU) and a temperate weather BDU (TWBDU). The Kids BDU coat features 4 pockets, two upper patch pockets and two lower patch pockets, button through pocket flaps, and a clean interior finish. The kids BDU pants are worn by children looking for an authentic and genuine military look. Proppers kids BDU pants are also commonly referred to as kids camo coats, kids camo jacket, kids camouflage coat, kids camouflage jacket.

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