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: F547275001
Black - Propper Defender DELTA Drop Panel Duty Jacket

: DPA1000001
Black/Blue - POLICE - DELTA Drop Panel Kit (Set of 3)

: F547275450
LAPD Navy - Propper Defender DELTA Drop Panel Duty Jacket


: DPA1000450
LAPD Navy/Blue - POLICE - DELTA Drop Panel Kit (Set of 3)


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Rain Jackets
The Propper rain jacket is the adventure tech APCU level 6 rain jacket and the denfender series Halo I rain jackets. The adventure tech APCU, short for Advanced Protective Combat Uniform is a superior layering system consisting of seven layers. The APCU layering system protects against versatile weather conditions ranging from hot windy desert conditions to below zero artic conditions. The APCU is an alternative layering system with superior qualities to the generation 2 and 3 ECWCS layering system. Proppers adventure tech APCU level 6 jacket is constructed of an ultralight Gore-Tex fabric which offers superior durable water protection. Proppers adventure tech APCU level 6 jacket weights in at less than 1 pound representing a breakthrough performance and design. Features of the APCU level 6 jacket include a laminated hood brim which preserves the shape and aids in rain/snow runoff, a hood that can bee stored in the collar, and two vent pockets to maximize ventilation. Proppers adventure tech APCU level 6 jacket is a versatile light weight rain jacket used by military personnel in tactical operations involving a broad range weather conditions. Selected colors of the adventure tech APCU level 6 rain jacket is Near Infrared (NIR) compliant. Proppers adventure tech APCU level 6 jacket is worn by military personnel during tactical operations in wet weather conditions. The ultra light APCU level 6 rain jacket can also be worn by civilians alike to protect against wet and rainy weather conditions and to serve comfort and warmth. The Propper defender series Halo-1 high-visibility rain jacket is a military inspired ultralight rain jacket. The Halo-1 rain jacket features a HALT barrier for a windproof, waterproof and breathable superior performance. The Halo-1 rain jacket is a class 3 certified for high visibility apparel (ANSI 107-2004). Features of the Halo-1 rain jacket is a full cut, 2 way zipper front and provision to add a liner, the Propper defender series echo F5474 softshell jacket, a nylon shell for waterproof and breathable barrier throughout the entire jacket. Military personnel and civilians a like wears the Propper defender series Halo-1 rain jacket to keep dry during light to harsh rain conditions without sacrificing warmth and comfort. Proppers rain jackets are referred to as rain jackets, ultralight rain jackets, camouflage rain jacket, military rain jacket, army rain jacket, tactical rain jacket, law enforcement gore-tex rain jackets, police rain coats, tactical rain parkas.

Duty Jackets
The Propper duty jackets are part of its defender series of jackets produced by Propper International. Propper produces several models of duty jackets as part of there defender series which include Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Echo, Gamma, HALO, and HALO II. Each of the models is constructed to different specifications, the cut of the jacket, length of the waist, design of the jacket and much more. Proppers defender series of duty jackets are constructed to give comfort and warmth to those wearing them. Each duty jacket suits different needs of the person who chooses to wear one. Proppers duty jackets are seen worn by members of law enforcement but also can be worn by anyone. Duty jackets are stylish jacket that will keep you warm in mild to server cold conditions. The Propper duty jackets are commonly referred to as heavy duty jackets, police duty jackets, law enforcement jackets, tactical zip jackets, proper defender outerwear, security jackets, heavy duty police work jackets, tactical duty jackets.

BDU Patrol Caps
The Propper BDU patrol caps are the headwear worn when dressed in Battle Dress Uniform (BDU). Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) was once the standard combat uniform worn by the armed forces of the United States. BDUs are in the process of being phased out if not already replaced with other combat uniforms by each US military branch. BDUs were given its name, battle dress uniform because it is intended to be worn during battle. The BDU was introduced in the early 1980s as the standard battle uniform to be worn by all branches of the US military. As the needs of what is needed in a battle uniform by each US military branch grew, new uniforms were designed to replace the BDU. The BDU is currently being phased out if not already completely replaced by each US military branch with a combat uniform that best fits there needs. Police officers involved in tactical situations such as swat often wear BDU uniforms similar to the ones of the military, if not the exact ones. BDUs come in different solid colors and different camouflage patterns. Proppers BDU patrol caps are worn by the armed forces and by civilians. Proppers BDU patrol caps are also known as BDU caps, BDU hats, battle dress uniform cap, camo caps, camouflage caps, camo hat, camouflage hat, military fatigue caps, army patrol caps, tactical caps.

Tactical Pants
The Propper tactical pants are pants that were constructed to meet the needs of tactical operators and law enforcement personnel for on and off the job. Proppers offers tactical pants in lightweight and regular weight design to better convenient the wearer of the pants. Propper tactical pants have superior features compared the competitors brand tactical pants. The pants that are constructed by Propper international featuring a 9 pocket design which includes two spacious cargo pockets, front utility pockets, a magazine/cell phone easy access pocket, rear pockets that can hold maps and documents, and also hidden pockets within pockets. The fabric of the tactical pants is treated with DuPont Teflon which repels against spilled liquids and stains. Also the fabric of the pants is fade resistant, wrinkle resistant and shrink resistant for durability and convenience. The knees and seat of the pants are heavy duty double fabric reinforced to provide durability. The tactical pants are equipped with an action stretch waistband allowing more comfort and a brass D-Ring to attach keys and other tools to. The Propper tactical pants are commonly worn by tactical operators apart of SWAT, law enforcement, the military and other tactical professionals. These pants offer tactical professionals with the design they need with a professional look. Individuals who are not part of tactical operations can wear these pants for a professional look. The Propper tactical pants provides a better alternative of excellent quality mens and womens trousers compared to Blackhawk tactical pants, woolrich tactical pants, 5.11 tactical operator trousers, sigtac pant. The Propper international pants are commonly referred to as tactical cargo pants, tactical gear pants, SWAT pants, police pants, military style cargo pants, tactical uniform pants, heavy duty tactical trousers, 9 pocket tactical operator pants, mens cotton lightweight pants, womens tactical clothing slacks, heavy duty tactical pants, Propper tactical pants, heavy duty tactical trousers.

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